Sports Physiotherapy Clinic in Markham
Athletic Advantage Physiotherapy uses hands-on techniques to assess and diagnose the underlying root causes of pain and injury. We will restore maximum performance, function, and movement by improving joint mobility, muscle strength, balance, and endurance.

Our team is composed of elite experts in the body and performance. They will assess and treat your conditions using our one of a kind RESET, RESOLVE, RELOAD System. Get educated about your body, the root cause of the problem, and how we will get you better. We will get you out of pain as well as regain control over your health. Our therapists will create a customized exercise program that will improve your mobility and strength so that you can move pain-free and prevent any future injuries.
What Phsytiotherapy can help with
  • Sports injuries
  • Repetitive strain work related injuries
  • TMJ disorders (bruxism, myofascical pain)
  • Chronic and Acute low back pain
  • Shoulder injuries (dislocations, arthritis impingement, rotator cuff sprains and tears)
  • Knee Injuries (Osteoarthritis, Patellar femoral pain, Ligament sprains, and more)
  • Hip Injuries (Impingement, Arthritis
  • Low back Injuries (discogenic issues, sciatica, sprains, facet dysfunctions, scoliosis)
  • Ankle Injuries (sprains, achilles tendinopathies, plantar fascitis)
  • Headaches


When you are an athlete, it is important that your support team truly understands the dynamic of your sport and the toll it can take on your body. From sports nutritionists to doctors and sports therapists, having a care team that understands your unique needs is crucial. Choosing the right sports physiotherapy clinic is essential when you are injured. When looking for sports therapists Markham athletes consistently turn to Athletic Advantage.

Baseball Physiotherapy

If you’ve been injured while playing baseball, we can help. We offer baseball physical therapy for athletes of all levels and offer a whole-body approach to help you get back in the game sooner.

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Basketball Physiotherapy

Basketball is a fast-paced and exciting game, and from time to time, injuries are bound to happen. We are the basketball physiotherapy Markham athletes trust to help them get back on the court.

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Climbing Physiotherapy

Rock climbing both indoors and outdoors is an exciting and adventure-forward sport. Don’t let an injury stop you from doing what you love most. We are here to help you get back to climbing sooner.

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Cricket Physiotherapy

Whether you’ve been injured while playing cricket or need support rehabbing an injury that’s preventing you from being on the pitch, we can help. We provide cricket physio to get you back in the game.

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Football Physiotherapy

Football is a high contact sport and injuries are bound to happen. We offer football physio to help you get back in the game while also being stronger and more prepared to avoid injury in the future.

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Golf Physiotherapy

Golf-related injuries can be very painful and frustrating. When you want to get back on the course we are here to help. We provide golf physiotherapy to ensure you are ready for the season.

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Hockey Physiotherapy

Spend more time on the ice and feel great when playing your best. We provide hockey physical therapy that helps you get back into the gamer faster.

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Running Physiotherapy

Running injuries can make it impossible to do what you love most. We provide our runner clients with physio and offer support for running-related injuries.

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Soccer Physiotherapy

You give your all during every match and when you are injured, you want to get back into the game. We provide soccer physio that helps you feel great and play pain-free.

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Tennis Physiotherapy

Whether you are suffering from tennis elbow or other tennis-related injuries, we can help. Let us help you address your physical concerns and get you back into the game sooner.

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Why Choose Athletic Advantage?

At Athletic Advantage, we offer sports physiotherapy Markham athletes can rely on. With experience in treating athletes from countless sports, we approach your pain, injuries, and physical concerns from a whole-body perspective. As your trusted sports injury clinic, we look forward to helping you feel your best and get back to top form once more. When you are looking for a sports physiotherapist near me, you’ll want to make Athletic Advantage your first choice and get back on the field faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Provide Manual Physio?

When it comes to sports injury rehabilitation you want to be sure that you are getting the absolute best care. Unlike many sports injury physiotherapy clinics, we offer a hands-on approach that involves manual physio rather than over-using ultrasound and other technologies. Our targeted whole-body approach ensures your injury is treated effectively and any underlying concerns are addressed. When you want to get back into the game, we are the sports therapists you can depend on.

Should I Get Sports Physio or Massage Therapy?

When it comes to sports physio there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all plan. We understand that every injury and everybody is unique. We may recommend either sports physiotherapy, massage therapy or a combination of services to support you through recovery and for future injury prevention. If you require massage therapy, we offer this service within our sports injury clinic.

Can Acupuncture be Part of My Treatment Plan?

Acupuncture can be a beneficial treatment option for many athletes. If you are looking to obtain acupuncture treatments as part of your injury recovery program, we do offer this service. Either as a stand-alone option or as part of your sports physiotherapy program, acupuncture can make a substantial difference. 

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Our team is composed of elite experts in the body and performance. They will assess and treat your conditions using our one of a kind RESET, RESOLVE, RELOAD System. Understand why you are in pain, what the underlying problems are, and how we will get you better.

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