Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Physiotherapy

Why we do What We Do
At Athletic Advantage, we provide MVA physiotherapy that goes beyond your most obvious symptoms. Your car accident physiotherapy should consist of a whole-body approach to ensure any underlying causes of pain or reduced mobility are not missed. Contact us today and learn why we are the choice for MVA physiotherapy Markham residents can depend on.
How does MVA Physio work? 
If you have recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident, rehabilitation and recovery from injuries is likely your top concern. Motor vehicle accident physiotherapy is crucial to helping you regain mobility and reduce pain after a collision. Due to the nature of motor vehicle accidents (MVA), you’re going to want to find a provider for motor vehicle accident treatment that truly understands the complex injuries that can affect the entire body after a crash.

Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy FAQs

Can MVA Physical Therapy Help with Chronic Pain?

Car accident rehab can assist with chronic pain issues that arise after a motor vehicle collision but can also be beneficial for chronic pain concerns that were present before your collision. At Athletic Advantage, we take a whole-body approach to motor vehicle accident rehab and chronic pain physiotherapy. Your unique circumstances and personal history will always be considered in your treatment plan, we don’t provide band-aid solutions that don’t address the underlying cause of pain.

How Soon Should I Seek Rehabilitation After a Car Accident?

Motor vehicle collision injuries can be complex and though it is important to begin MVA therapy promptly, you should be cleared to begin treatments. If you are seeking concussion rehab after a motor vehicle collision it should be noted that seeking treatment promptly is essential.

Should I Also Get Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy can offer many benefits to those recovering from a motor vehicle collision. Our registered massage therapists provide massage therapy to help improve mobility and reduce pain. Massage therapy may be considered as part of your MVA physiotherapy treatment plan.

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