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How We Treat Your Shoulder
Shoulder pain can make it difficult to participate in the activities you love most. Though there are a variety of reasons why shoulder pain can take place, shoulder pain is often caused by rotator cuff tendinitis or bursitis as well as from injuries and chronic conditions such as arthritis. As there are many reasons for shoulder pain, it is important to look for a provider of sports physiotherapy for shoulder pain that considers the root causes of pain and provides effective treatment.

At Athletic Advantage, we take a hands-on approach to physio for shoulder pain and work with you to develop a treatment plan that not only reduces pain but helps you to regain mobility. We are your top choice when looking for shoulder physio near me and look forward to helping you feel your best.
Recommended Treatment Options

If you require treatment for your shoulder, consider our recommended services to help you on the road to recovery:

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Shoulder Physiotherapy FAQs

Can You Help with Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder pain can make it difficult or impossible to move and can be very painful. Frozen shoulder physiotherapy can help to reduce the pain associated with frozen shoulder and help you to regain your mobility. Physio for frozen shoulder can help to speed up injury recovery and set you up for improved mobility. Contact us today to learn more and make us your first choice when looking for physio for shoulder pain.

Can Massage Help with Shoulder Pain?

Massage therapy for shoulder pain can be helpful for reducing the immediate symptoms of pain and may also offer other benefits. As massage therapy can relax muscles and promote mobility it can be a helpful treatment option to consider when dealing with persistent shoulder pain issues.

How Does Acupuncture Help with Shoulder Pain?

Acupuncture for shoulder pain, including acupuncture for frozen shoulder can help to reduce pain symptoms and can also help to improve circulation. Acupuncture can help to reduce inflammation and could be a good choice for you. As a patient of Athletic Advantage, we may recommend acupuncture for shoulder concerns if it suits your needs.

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