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What is Tennis Physiotherapy?
When it comes to tennis-related injuries, there is no doubt that tennis elbow tops the list of possible concerns. Though tennis players are not the only ones to develop this injury, it is important to obtain tennis elbow physiotherapy from someone who understands the nature of the sport. Whether you are looking for physiotherapy for tennis elbow pain or another tennis-related issue, we can help.
About Our Sports Therapy Clinic
At Athletic Advantage, we have the expertise you need when it comes to tennis elbow and physiotherapy. We offer comprehensive tennis elbow physio treatment options and also address other injuries and mobility concerns related to the sport. Our hands-on approach makes all the difference and is the reason why we provide the tennis physiotherapy Markham athletes can depend on.

Tennis Physiotherapy FAQs

How Do You Treat Tennis Elbow?

When you are looking for physio for tennis elbow you may be wondering what is involved. At Athletic Advantage, we take a hands-on approach to tennis physio that involves understanding the unique nature of your injury and any underlying concerns. We utilize acupuncture, massage and manual physiotherapy as needed with our tennis elbow physiotherapy treatment. Your treatment plan is always unique to you, and we offer the best physio for tennis elbow.

Can You Help Arthritis for Tennis Players?

When looking for tennis physiotherapy you may be wondering if you can also get support with arthritis. Arthritis can make playing tennis difficult, however, acupuncture for arthritis may be helpful in alleviating pain. We may also suggest acupuncture as part of your pt treatment for tennis elbow.

Do You Offer Support for Chronic Pain?

If you love playing tennis but suffer from chronic pain you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to get back to what you love. Beyond tennis elbow physio treatments, we also offer physiotherapy for chronic pain. We understand that everyone’s body and circumstances are unique. That’s why we always offer a hands-on approach with the goal of understanding your pain in order to relieve it and improve mobility.