Football Physiotherapy Markham

What is Football Physiotherapy?
Football can be a high-impact sport and injuries happen despite there being equipment to help prevent them. When injuries happen, it’s important to obtain football physio that helps you get back into the game sooner and with confidence. Whether you are looking for physio for a sprained ankle or need physiotherapy for knee injuries the football physiotherapy experts at Athletic Advantage can help.
About Our Sports Therapy Clinic
At Athletic Advantage, we offer a full-body, hands-on approach to football physical therapy. Through in-depth consultation, we work to find the root cause of your injury or pain and develop a plan to help you get back to your sport with confidence. Contact us today and let us help you reduce pain and regain mobility. We provide football physiotherapy Markham athletes can depend on.

Football Physiotherapy FAQs

Do You Offer Concussion Rehab?

Concussions happen from time to time in football and when they do, it is crucial that proper treatment is obtained. After consulting with a medical doctor, athletes may wish to consider concussion physiotherapy to promote healing. We provide concussion rehab services to help you get back to what you love as soon as safely possible.

Is Acupuncture Good for Football Players?

Acupuncture can play an important role in reducing pain and supporting injury recovery for football players. When looking for football physical therapy, we may also suggest acupuncture as one of your treatment options. Acupuncture for foot pain or acupuncture for back concerns can be helpful in helping you feel your best on the field.

Do You Suggest Massage for Football?

Sports massage can be a great option for football players who train and play hard. Our registered massage therapists can help to improve mobility and contribute to injury prevention. Massage therapy can also play a role in injury recovery. Let us help you develop the right care plan to help you return to the field with confidence and see why we are the top choice for football physio near me.

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