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Why we do What We Do
Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years as a method to alleviate injuries and pain. Over the last few decades, scientific research has come out to provide theories and explanations for its effects. It is no longer only used as an “alternative health” treatment.  It is considered a mainstay in treating many professional athletes and others who seek out the highest quality care.

When looking for the best acupuncture near me, you’ll want to come to the experts at Athletic Advantage. Our acupuncture clinic works in conjunction with physiotherapy and massage therapy services to help you find the relief you’ve been looking for. Contact us today and see why we are the provider for acupuncture Markham residents trust most.
How does ACUPUNCTURE work? 
Acupuncture treatment and dry needling use a very thin monofilament needle to insert into the targeted tissue for relief. Acupuncture can offer pain relief by activating receptors in our body that are responsible for pain relief. It works on many of the same receptors that pharmaceuticals use, which is an added benefit. It can help individuals receive pain relief who rather not use strong drugs that have many side effects. When the needles are stimulated with an electric stimulation machine (electro-acupuncture), it works on the muscle to reset the nerve and muscle connection. This allows for a decrease in tissue tension at a physiological level. This technique of electro-acupuncture also increases local blood flow to the tissue to improve healing, reduce pain, improve blood flow for faster healing, and decrease tissue tension.
What Can Acupuncture Help With?
Our therapists will first perform an evaluation to see if you are a candidate for acupuncture or dry needling. Based on the assessment, the therapists will choose specific muscles and acupuncture points to assist in your recovery. The needles are significantly thinner than a regular needle you may be used to; hence there is minimal discomfort and often no pain during insertion. An electric stimulation unit will be attached to the needles to increase effectiveness. You will feel a pleasant, relaxing, buzzing sensation, which is often the patient's favourite part. The needles can be left in from 15-20 minutes, depending on the area and patient. Acupuncture and dry needling can help with a variety of ailments. Whether you are looking for acupuncture for pain, dry needling physiotherapy, or relief for other issues, we can help. The following are some of the most commonly treated issues that acupuncture therapy can help with.
  • Headaches (Migraines, tension, whiplash, TMJ
  • Chronic pain  
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Nerve Pain
  • Muscle recovery from training
  • Fibromyalga

Acupuncture Physiotherapy FAQs

Is Getting Acupuncture Painful?

If you are anxious about obtaining acupuncture, you may be concerned that it will hurt. Acupuncture needles are very thin and generally are not painful when inserted. Some people may feel soreness after treatments though this is temporary.

How Soon After Acupuncture Will I Notice Results?

Everyone’s body is different, and it can be tricky to say how quickly acupuncture treatments will work for you. In some cases, patients notice an improvement in symptoms after their first acupuncture treatment though needing multiple treatments is normal.

Why Choose Athletic Advantage?

At Athletic Advantage, we are your top choice when looking for acupuncture near me. We work to understand the root cause of your ailments and provide custom treatment options that target your concerns. Contact us today to see how our team of experts can help you find the relief you need.

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