"We got tired of the way things were done. Clinics were not doing the job. WE decided to make changes and create our own system"
Athletic Advantage spawns from a need for a change in the way orthopaedic rehabilitation is currently done. Far too many individuals are receiving therapy but leaving still in pain, not understanding their condition, and hopeless for a recovery.

The status quo is not enough, it's time for a change. We have a unique system that is based on 3 "R's." Regardless of how chronic or debilitating, all injuries, when put through our Reset, Resolve, and Reload system, will be cured.

Step 1. Reset

During the early part of an injury, such as when an ankle is sprained, inflammation, pain, and other metabolic events occur that give trouble to the patient.

Our goal here is to calm down the injury by decreasing inflammation and expediting recovery with evidence-based techniques. Healing correctly is vital to ensure the injury does not become chronic or re-occurring.

Step 2. Resolve

Here we address the cause of your injury as most injuries are by-products of the body being dysfunctional elsewhere. It would be negligent not to address this as we know you would only re-injure yourself again at some other point. We use advanced examination techniques from the SFMA and Functional Range Assessment, which are currently used by multiple professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. These systems bring out the impairments, and during this phase, we make it a point to fix these regions.

Step 3. Reload

This is where the fun begins! Now that you are finally out of pain and all other dysfunctions are resolved, we can LOAD your body up. We employ state of the art equipment from kettlebells, weights, and our functional trainer system. We embark on a strength training program to increase your tissues' resilience and power. Our goal is to improve your fascia and joint mobility, along with creating tissue that is STRONG through a FULL RANGE of motion.

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