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How We Treat Your Ankle
You likely don’t think too much about your ankles until you find yourself with an ankle injury or ankle pain that makes it difficult to walk or participate in your favourite activities. Ankle pain can be caused by sprains, recovery from broken bones, or other issues that can be harder to sport. When you are looking for physiotherapy for ankle sprain or other ankle concerns, you’ll want to come to the physiotherapist Markham resident’s trust.

At Athletic Advantage, we provide physio for sprained ankle, physio for broken ankle and acupuncture for sprained ankles that can help you to reduce your pain and regain your mobility. We understand that ankle pain can make it impossible to do the things you love most. Our hands-on, whole-body approach to physio for ankle related issues means you can feel confident that your concerns will be address and the root cause of your pain will be identified. If you need physio after broken ankle or acupuncture for ankle pain, we can help.
Recommended Treatment Options

If you require treatment for your ankle, consider our recommended services to help you on the road to recovery:

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Ankle Physiotherapy FAQs

What Causes Ankle Injuries?

If you play a sport either recreationally or professionally, you are likely no stranger ankle injuries. Sprains and fractures can happen while walking or participating in sports or other activities that involve uneven surfaces. Falls and stumbles happen and can lead to ankle injuries of all kinds. Regardless of how your injury happened, physio for sprained ankle or acupuncture for ankle pain can help.

Should I Stop Activity If I Experience Ankle Pain?

If you are expecting ankle pain it is a sign to seek physiotherapy or support from a medical professional. Even if you can’t identify where the pain is coming from, this is your body’s signal that there is a problem. Never push through ankle pain, get support to reduce pain, rebuilt strength and improve your mobility moving forward.

How Acupuncture Help with Ankle Pain?

Acupuncture can help to reduce ankle-related pain and help to promote healing after an injury. Acupuncture may be recommended in conjunction with sports physiotherapy and helps to improve overall well-being as well as to treat the immediate symptoms of ankle pain.

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