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How We Treat Your Foot
Foot pain can be caused by a variety of issues such as over-use, arthritis, and injuries. Foot pain is particularly challenging to cope with as it can make it difficult or impossible to get around or participate in the activities you love. When you are looking to alleviate the symptoms of foot pain and improve your mobility, you’re going to want to find an expert that understands how foot pain is caused, including how other muscle systems may affect the feet and in turn, cause pain.

At Athletic Advantage, we take a hands-on, whole-body approach to understanding the root cause of pain and addressing the symptoms. Our dedicated and experienced team of experts helps you get the care you need to feel your best. Acupuncture for foot pain, physiotherapy for foot pain, and foot pain massage can all help to improve mobility issues, reduce pain, and help you get back to doing what you love most.
Recommended Treatment Options

If you require treatment for your foot, consider our recommended services to help you on the road to recovery:

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Foot Physiotherapy FAQs

How Can Physiotherapy Help with Foot Pain?

Physiotherapy for foot pain can help to identify underlying issues that may be related to your pain. When you see a physio for foot pain at Athletic Advantage, you can expect to have a thorough consultation to ensure no related issue is overlooked while working to relieve pain symptoms.

Is Acupuncture Helpful for Foot Pain?

Acupuncture for foot pain can help to improve the immediate symptoms of pain and also has many other benefits. Acupuncture promotes healing and overall well-being and may be a good option for athletes to incorporate into their regular training and well-being regimen.

Can Massage Help Relieve Foot Pain?

Acupressure for foot pain or massage therapy for foot pain can be helpful for relaxing muscles, promoting circulation, and reducing pain. Massage therapy can be a great choice for athletes and those who are dealing with persistent or chronic foot pain.

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