Manual Physiotherapy Markham

What is Manual Physiotherapy?
If you have obtained sports physiotherapy in the past, you may have been surprised to have been treated with therapeutic ultrasound or TENS rather than receiving a hands-on approach to address your concerns. Though technological advances play an important role in healing we believe that machines alone should not be the only tool used to treat pain and other muscular concerns.
About Our Manual Therapy Clinic
At Athletic Advantage, we are proud to focus on manual therapy and offer our patients a hands on physiotherapy approach. We focus on understanding the root cause of your pain or mobility issue and provide manual physio to help resolve your concerns from the ground up. When looking for manual therapy near me, we are your top choice. Contact us today and learn why we are the top choice providers of manual physiotherapy Markham residents can depend on.

Manual Physiotherapy FAQs

Is Hands on Physio More Effective?

At Athletic Advantage, we feel that hands on physio is crucial to understanding how all parts of the body are connected. Though other treatment options can be effective in reducing pain, they may not help to identify other underlying issues that can be related to your concerns. Manual physical therapy can help to target all issues that are connected to your main symptom.

How Can Manual Physiotherapy Improve Recovery?

Manual physiotherapy can aid recovery in many different ways. Beyond helping to understand the nature of your injury, manual physical therapy can support circulation and lymphatic drainage, increase your range of motion, and reduce scar tissue formation allowing you to recover optimally.

Why Choose Athletic Advantage?

At Athletic Advantage, we provide acupuncture and manual PT that allows you to understand your pain or injury and work towards stronger, injury-free movement. When looking for manual physical therapy near me we are your top choice. Contact us today and let us show you how hands on physio can make a difference when it comes to treating pain or recovering from an injury.

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