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How We Treat Your Chronic Pain
Chronic pain is a complex issue for many people. For some people, chronic pain is a constant struggle while for others, it is an issue that comes and goes. Regardless of the type of chronic pain a person is experiencing, it can be devastating both physically and mentally for those who suffer from it. The cause of chronic pain can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint. Whether it is the result of an injury, arthritis, or is caused by a chronic health condition, there are treatment options to help reduce chronic pain symptoms and improve mobility.

At Athletic Advantage, we understand that chronic pain will look and feel differently for every person. There is no one standard type of chronic pain and in many cases, the cause of chronic pain can be complex and related to more than just the presenting symptom. We take a whole-body approach to addressing the chronic pain concerns of our patients. We provide a variety of services to support our patients including acupuncture for chronic pain, physiotherapy for chronic pain and also massage therapy for chronic pain.
Recommended Treatment Options

If you require treatment for your chronic pain, consider our recommended services to help you on the road to recovery:

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Chronic Pain Physiotherapy FAQs

Is Acupuncture Good for Chronic Pain?

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about acupuncture and chronic pain, you’ll like wonder if it is worth trying. Acupuncture provides pain relief to help reduce the immediate symptoms of chronic pain but also works to improve overall well-being. Acupuncture is a popular treatment choice for those who suffer from chronic pain.

Can Massage Help with Chronic Pain?

Massage and chronic pain might seem to go hand in hand, and for good reason. Chronic massage can help to reduce pain symptoms, relax muscles and promote circulation. There are many types of massage to consider, reach out to an RMT for help with choosing the best massage for chronic pain for me. An RMT from Athletic Advantage can help to provide the best chronic pain massage near me, for you.

How Does Physiotherapy Help with Chronic Pain?

Physiotherapy can help to strengthen weak muscles, improve mobility issues, and reduce symptoms of chronic pain. It is important to choose a hands-on physiotherapy clinic that is committed to understanding the root cause of your chronic pain to ensure it is treated effectively.

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