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What is Soccer Physiotherapy?
Soccer is one of if not the most loved sport worldwide and we certainly understand that you can’t let an injury stop you from being on the pitch. When it comes to soccer injuries, you’ll want to ensure you are seeing a soccer physio specialist that truly understands the nature of your sport and the circumstances of your injury.
About Our Sports Therapy Clinic
At Athletic Advantage, we provide soccer physiotherapy with a hands-on approach that helps identify the root cause of your pain while getting you back on the pitch sooner. With the use of manual physical therapy, massage and acupuncture we make soccer physical therapy a better experience. Contact us today and see why we are the provider of soccer physiotherapy Markham athletes depend on.

Soccer Physiotherapy FAQs

Can You Help with a Sprained Ankle?

Sprained ankles can be common in soccer due to the fast-paced and action-driven nature of the sport. When it comes to sprained ankles, we can assist with physiotherapy for ankle sprain. Our hands-on approach allows you to feel confident that underlying causes of pain are addressed and that you can get back to the pitch as soon as possible.

Can You Help with Soccer Related Back Pain?

If you are a soccer player with back pain, you’ll want to reduce your pain and get back to playing your best. We know that massage for back pain can be a great way to reduce pain and increase mobility allowing you to feel and play your best. Our physical therapy for soccer players considers all underlying issues and identifies the treatment plan that is best for them.

Can Acupuncture Help with Foot Pain?

Foot pain can make it impossible to play soccer and we understand you’ll want to start feeling your best as soon as possible. Acupuncture for foot pain can be a helpful treatment option that allows you to feel and play your best. We may recommend acupuncture as part of your soccer physio treatment plan.