Golf Physiotherapy Markham

What is Golf Physiotherapy?
Though it might look easy to someone who doesn’t play, golf can be demanding on the body and those who love golf are likely no stranger to the occasional injury. When an injury does happen, you’ll want to be sure to obtain golf physiotherapy that helps you get back to what you love sooner and with confidence.
About Our Sports Therapy Clinic
At Athletic Advantage, we offer a hands-on and results-driven approach to golf physio. Whether you are looking for support with physio for golfers’ elbow or need physiotherapy for hip pain, we can help. Contact us today and see why we provide the golf physiotherapy Markham golfers depend on. We offer a comprehensive approach to understanding and reducing your pain while helping to improve mobility.

Golf Physiotherapy FAQs

Do You Treat Golfers Elbow?

If you are looking for physio for golfers elbow, we can help. We offer physiotherapy for golfers elbow that goes beyond alleviating your symptoms. With our whole-body approach, we identify the root cause of your concerns and help you get back to what you love. Contact us today to learn how our golfers elbow physiotherapy treatment can help you get back on the course sooner.

What Can I Do to Reduce Neck Pain?

Neck pain can make it difficult to golf comfortably, when looking for support with neck pain you may wish to consider acupuncture. Acupuncture for neck pain can reduce your symptoms and help you get back to what you love. During your initial consultation, we will discover if acupuncture is a good fit for your needs.

Can You Help with Chronic Pain Issues?

Chronic pain can make you feel as if it is impossible to do the things you love most. If you are battling chronic pain but would like to get back to golfing, massage therapy for chronic pain may be a good option for you. Our registered massage therapists can help you to reduce your pain and improve mobility making it more enjoyable to golf.

How Can You Help with Sciatica for Golfers?

Physiotherapy for sciatica can be a great way to reduce your pain and help get you back on the course. With our whole-body approach, we can help to identify the cause of your sciatica pain. We may also suggest acupuncture for sciatica to address your unique concerns. Our treatment plans are always tailored to your unique needs and are the ideal golf physio solution.

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