Discover the Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

Whether you have been enjoying the benefits of chiropractic care for years, or are considering starting chiropractic treatments, you might have questions about the frequency of visits that are required for optimal results. Though some prefer to get regular alignments, others seek chiropractic care to target specific issues and cease treatment once the issue has been resolved. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to seeking support with an injury or preventive care, yet, for some, knowing how often you should see a chiropractor for an alignment seems challenging.

Is Massage Therapy Tax Deductible? What You Should Know for Tax Time

Whether you have extended healthcare benefits through your employer or pay for medical services out of pocket, you’ll want to know what services are eligible to be claimed at tax time. It is important to know that many medical expenses, including eyecare, dental, and other paramedical services, can be claimed when filing income tax. For the most savings at tax time, be sure to keep a record of any medical expenses you have over the year.

Which is Right for You: Physiotherapist or Chiropractor?

When you are experiencing pain or a loss of mobility, there is no doubt that you’ll want to have the issue addressed promptly. Yet, for many patients, knowing which practitioner to turn to can often feel like a tough call. There are a variety of medical professionals with adequate knowledge and skills to treat concerns such as back pain, headaches, and arthritis. However, each practitioner may have a different approach to doing so.

What is a Physiotherapist, and How Can They Help You Feel Better?

Whether you have recently been injured and have mobility concerns, or pain that you are hoping to reduce, a physiotherapist can help. What is a physiotherapist and what does a physiotherapist do? Understanding what physiotherapists do can help you know what to expect during treatment and allow you to seek help from the right practitioner when you need it.

Athletic Therapy or Physiotherapy, What’s the Difference?

If you are an athlete of any kind, you are likely no stranger to sprains, pain, or injuries. Playing your hardest or pushing your body to its limits can sometimes result in injuries despite taking steps to prevent them. If you have been injured while playing a sport or training, you may not be sure who to turn to when seeking help with recovery. Both athletic therapists and physiotherapists can assist you in reducing pain, improving mobility, and getting back to what you love most. But what is the difference between athletic therapy and physiotherapy anyways?

Is Physiotherapy Tax Deductible in Canada?

Paying for personal medical expenses that are not covered by OHIP or other private insurance can quickly add up. But if you didn’t already know, you may be able to claim services such as physiotherapy on your income tax. Though it may not help to reduce the immediate cost of your physical therapy services, the ability to claim medical services on your income tax can make paying out of pocket more affordable in the long term.

What to Expect at Your Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

If you’ve never obtained physiotherapy before, its natural that you might have questions about what your initial physiotherapy assessment will entail. Though all physiotherapists may operate their clinic differently, the initial assessment generally involves going over your medical history and collecting information about your injury or concerns. In some cases, this information will be obtained in advance of the appointment, though you’ll still need to review this information with your care provider.

Do I Need a Referral for Physiotherapy in Ontario

Navigating the Ontario healthcare system can sometimes be confusing. Many medical professionals and specialists require a referral from a doctor before a person can access their services. However, knowing when you do or do not need a referral can be hard to know. Patients may look for a referral for physiotherapy services when seeking insurance coverage. However, a referral is not required to see a physiotherapist in Ontario.

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