What is a Physiotherapist, and How Can They Help You Feel Better?
February 6, 2023
What is a Physiotherapist, and How Can They Help You Feel Better?

Whether you have recently been injured and have mobility concerns, or pain that you are hoping to reduce, a physiotherapist can help. What is a physiotherapist and what does a physiotherapist do? Understanding what physiotherapists do can help you know what to expect during treatment and allow you to seek help from the right practitioner when you need it.

At Athletic Advantage, we are the physiotherapy clinic Markham residents depend on when looking for support in reducing pain and improving mobility. We understand many patients have questions about treatment and want to know how does physiotherapy work. We’re here to help you understand what role physiotherapy plays in relation to your health and wellness. In this post, we break down the basics of what physiotherapists do and how they can support you.

Is Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy the Same Thing?

If you’re searching for a physiotherapist, you may have also come across the term physical therapist. But is a physical therapist the same as a physiotherapist? Typically, these terms are used interchangeably, though, in Canada, most people and practitioners use physiotherapist or physio when referring to physiotherapy. If you’re accustomed to the term physical therapy and are wondering, is physical therapy the same as physiotherapy? You can generally assume that yes, they are the same type of treatment.  

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

Before obtaining therapy, many patients wonder, what do physical therapists do? Treatment plans from physiotherapists are tailored to the patient and address pain and mobility issues. Whether obtaining sports physiotherapy, physiotherapy after a motor vehicle accident, or other concerns, a physiotherapist will consider the cause of your pain or mobility issue and develop a plan to address the concerns. Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques, including manual physiotherapy and the utilization of ultrasound and other technology.

What Can Physiotherapists Treat?

Physiotherapists can treat both medical conditions and injuries. Some of the most common reasons people seek physiotherapy include chronic pain, headaches, and arthritis, as well as injuries such as back and neck injuries. Physiotherapists have medical training that goes beyond working with the musculoskeletal system, and can also assist patients with conditions that involve the brain, nervous system, lungs, and heart. When wanting to know what is a physical therapist, and what does physiotherapy do? You can know that concerns will be treated with a whole-body approach that considers the root cause of issues, including those that are more complex.

Do Physiotherapists Work with Other Practitioners?

A physiotherapist may choose to work in conjunction with other practitioners to provide comprehensive support for patients. When considering what does a physical therapist do, it's important to note that a whole-body approach is often considered. For this reason, services such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and even chiropractic care may be considered as part of a treatment plan.

How Do I Find a Physiotherapist?

When looking for a physiotherapist, it is important to look for a provider who understands the cause of your pain or mobility issues. Sports physiotherapists and physiotherapists that offer manual physiotherapy may be your best bet if you are experiencing pain and mobility concerns. At Athletic Advantage, we help patients feel their best and regain their mobility. Contact us today to learn more about what physiotherapists do and how we can help you start feeling better.

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