Which is Right for You: Physiotherapist or Chiropractor?
February 16, 2023
Which is Right for You: Physiotherapist or Chiropractor?

When you are experiencing pain or a loss of mobility, there is no doubt that you’ll want to have the issue addressed promptly. Yet, for many patients, knowing which practitioner to turn to can often feel like a tough call. There are a variety of medical professionals with adequate knowledge and skills to treat concerns such as back pain, headaches, and arthritis. However, each practitioner may have a different approach to doing so.

At Athletic Advantage, we are the physiotherapy clinic Markham residents depend on when looking to feel their best. Our patients know that we offer a variety of services, including sports physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic care.  Often our patients want to know what's the difference between a physiotherapist and a chiropractor. As we take a full-body approach to treatment, we understand that there can be a place for various treatment types within a care plan. In this post, we outline the roles of a chiropractor and physiotherapist to help you know which treatment may be right for you.

What Can a Physiotherapist Do?

When you are seeking support with either an injury or medical condition, a physiotherapist has a lot to offer. Physiotherapists have medical training that goes beyond the musculoskeletal system and can treat conditions that impact the brain, nervous system, lungs, and heart. Physiotherapists take a whole-body approach to address pain and mobility concerns and may utilize a variety of techniques in treatment, including manual physiotherapy and the use of technology.

In our post, What is a Physiotherapist, and How Can They Help You Feel Better, we outline the basics of what a physiotherapist can do. Many people seek out physiotherapy to address an immediate concern and then turn to other types of treatment to maintain results and prevent further issues. Seeking the support of a physiotherapist is always a good starting point, as they have extensive knowledge of both medical and musculoskeletal system issues.

What Can a Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractic doctors are highly trained to provide patients with hands-on and personalized treatments that focus on the spine, muscles, joints and nervous system. Though chiropractic care can help to address the immediate symptoms related to an injury or mobility issue, many patients seek chiropractic care as a preventative measure and to promote overall health. Chiro can be utilized in combination with other treatment types or as a stand-alone service.

Both physiotherapists and chiropractors have extensive training to help support patients with pain and mobility-related concerns. As physios and chiropractic doctors may take different approaches to treatment, both can be important within a treatment plan.

If you are experiencing pain or mobility issues, turning to a physio clinic that offers a variety of treatment types may be your best bet. With trusted practitioners operating in the same space, your practitioner can offer suggestions on services that may complement your care plan.  Book a free consultation with Athletic Advantage for support in finding the treatment type that is best suited to your unique concerns.

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Rohit obtained his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from D’Youville College in New York after completing a Bachelor of Science degree with Specialized Honours in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University. His passion for health and injuries began after experiencing a string of injuries playing basketball, which lead him to see both the good and bad of our health care system. At this point, Rohit decided he would devote his life to helping patients achieve their goals.

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