What to Expect at Your Initial Physiotherapy Assessment
October 31, 2022
What to Expect at Your Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

If you’ve never obtained physiotherapy before, its natural that you might have questions about what your initial physiotherapy assessment will entail. Though all physiotherapists may operate their clinic differently, the initial assessment generally involves going over your medical history and collecting information about your injury or concerns. In some cases, this information will be obtained in advance of the appointment, though you’ll still need to review this information with your care provider.

At Athletic Advantage, we take a full-body approach to your physio care. We not only aim to reduce your pain and improve mobility but also aim to understand the root cause of your corners too. Our initial physiotherapy assessments are in-depth as we seek to understand why you are experiencing pain, not just offer a band-aid treatment. In this post, we outline general information about what you can expect at an initial physiotherapy assessment.

How Long Does a Physiotherapy Assessment Take?

During an initial physiotherapy assessment, you should expect a slightly longer appointment. In many cases, your appointment can last between 45min to and 1 hour. Your care provider will want to go over your detailed medical history and understand the nature of your ailments. Lifestyle factors may also be discussed to determine if they may be contributing to your corners.

When working with physiotherapists, look for one who takes a whole-body approach. Your initial assessment should involve more than simply identifying where you have pain and be an opportunity to understand underlying factors that may be contributing to your concerns.

Do I Need to Bring Anything with Me to a Physiotherapy Assessment?

When you attend your initial physiotherapy assessment, it may be necessary to bring test results such as X-Rays or CT scans with you. Your physiotherapist may also request that you bring loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. If your care provider has requested that you fill out any forms, be sure to bring them with you to your initial appointment. If you have any questions, call your physiotherapy clinic for a refresher on what you’ll need to bring with you to your appointment.

Does an Initial Assessment Include a Physiotherapy Treatment?

Your initial physiotherapy assessment will likely be hands-on. You can expect that your care provider will complete an assessment and provide treatment during your appointment. You may be shown exercises to complete at home and be offered manual physical therapy treatments to reduce your pain or mobility concerns.

During your initial assessment, you should also expect to be given detailed information about your treatment plan. Your physiotherapist will discuss future appointments and any other services that may support you in your recovery such as massage therapy, acupuncture, or even chiropractic care.

Always be sure to reach out to your care provider for accurate information regarding their intake process as not all providers operate in the same manner. If you’re still looking for a physiotherapist near me, be sure to connect with the experts at Athletic Advantage. We are the physiotherapist Markham residents depend on for comprehensive and personalized care. 

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